33voices interviews Chip Conley

Chip Conley

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Hotelier. Author. Social Alchemist. Disruptor. Sage.

33voices interviews Chip Conley

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33voices interviews Chip Conley, an authority in Hospitality Industry and author of many books. In this interview listen to Chip Conley talking about leadership, emotional intelligence and much more.

The emotional connection

The emotional connection.

One of the most neglected skills in business and leadership in particular, is emotional intelligence – EQ.  I was initially exposed to the concept of EQ by Dr. Daniel Goleman in 1996, but rarely had meaningful dialogue around the topic because it wasn’t measurable.  My peers wanted to talk about results, yet I was convinced that the best results were the ones that you can’t measure.  Perhaps, that’s why I am drawn to the brilliance of Chip Conley.  Not only has he been a model entrepreneur and CEO, best of all, he’s a real human being with the courage to be himself.   His latest work – Emotional Equation – is a blueprint to help you master your emotions so you can take control of your life.  Here’s a glimpse….