A Culture of Purpose

Christoph Lueneburger

with Christoph Lueneburger

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A Culture of Purpose

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Moe and Christoph discuss how innovative leaders create meaningful cultures that attract and retain top talent.

A Culture of Purpose

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to experience first hand, the mystique that’s become Harvey Mudd College.  Synchronized to the polarizing vision of President, Maria Klawe – Mudd is a rare blend of challenge and focus, collaboration and individual excellence; and above all, an uncompromising belief that even the most difficult of problems can be solved when you’re in a winning environment.

Since meeting President Klawe six month ago, I’ve gained a renewed since of hope about the future of higher education.  Its clear to me that Mudd is fast becoming the go-to destination for today’s brightest young minds simply because they inspire you ‘to dream bigger,’ think differently, and to understand that if you excel in STEM disciplines, your future will be disproportionally rewarded.

When I read Christoph Lueneburger’s book –  A Culture of Purpose – I had a deja vu moment to my first conversation with Maria when she referenced this question as being the most important question that a leader can ask herself.