Articulating Your Company’s Next Stage of Growth

Dave Ulrich

with Dave Ulrich

Author, Consultant and Co-Founder of The RBL Group

Articulating Your Company’s Next Stage of Growth

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To truly reinvent your business, you have to first reimagine the value you’re delivering – In this episode, Moe is rejoined by Leadership maven Dave Ulrich to discuss a six-part framework that will help you respond to market opportunities with speed and scale.  

A modern approach towards corporate relevance

The phrase ‘reinvent yourself/your organization’ is and has been a self-help mainstay for generations; still it’s a rare individual and an even rarer organization who actually lives up to that promise.  As consumers, we demand excellence and ingenuity from those whom we choose to do business with, yet despite an unprecedented pace of technological innovation, less and less breakthroughs seem to emerge.  

As a keen observer of high performing organizations, I was encouraged when I learned about Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich’s work on strategic agility and how the likes of Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Facebook are responding to market opportunities with speed and scale.  In their book – Reinventing The Organization:  How Companies Can Deliver Radically Greater Value In Fast-Changing Markets, they lay out a six-part framework that both challenges and guides the manner in which you think about your next stage of growth.  

As with every organizational initiative, it starts with a leadership commitment – and as you’ll learn in my conversation with Dave, there’s a direct correlation between the learning taking place inside the organization with the experiences being delivered outside the organization.  Here’s a sampling of the questions we explore:

  • How to reinvent your own thinking in anticipation of a bigger future?
  • In an organization’s lifecycle, when is it best not to change?
  • A framework for reimagining your company’s next stage of growth.
  • The questions a leadership team should be asking during a true reinvention?
  • What is strategic agility & how does impact a leader’s philosophies?
  • Learning to let go of what works?
  • The role of the customer during a reinvention – why strategy follows people?
  • What the Chinese can teach us about cooperation and scale?
  • The temperament of leaders who are successfully reinventing themselves and their organizations?
  • Believing – Becoming – and Belonging, what the modern organization must deliver to its people?
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