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Moe and Lisa Nichols talk about how to open the door to a life of richness in our work, our relationships, our finances, and in our view of ourselves.

The Gift of Abundance

Few books have lingered in my memory as Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  For decades now, that riveting memoir has not only challenged each of us to examine our own lives; but to go so deep as to understand the very essence of our individual existence.  That’s hard work, but, for those brave enough to embrace that pursuit, the prize on the other end is always filled with peace and serenity.  

As the millions who’ve read the book know, the fundamental message of Frankl’s work is one of mindset and attitude.  Few of us will ever experience the torture that he endured; still, none of us will be spared hard times or challenge.  It’s the very fibre of the human condition, and one that has defined superstar speaker, Lisa Nichols (@2motivate).  As a single mom struggling to survive, Lisa started to turn her life around when she refused to let her circumstances define her destiny.  Desperate to build a different life for her son, she knew that first, she had to learn how to honor herself – and what followed is a well-documented comeback story that has inspired millions.    

I was excited to chat with Lisa about her latest book, Abundance Now:  Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today, and what you’ll notice throughout our conversation, is a deliberate choice of words that she’s convinced, influences each achievement that appears in life.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How has committing to help others impacted her own life?

  • The big misconception about abundance?

  • Where to seek abundance when you’re mired in hard times?

  • Visualization – how to actualize success?

  • The four E’s of an abundant life?

  • The truth about elevating your state of confidence?

  • The process of understanding your relationship with money?

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