Age of Discovery

Chris Kutarna

with Chris Kutarna

Fellow of the Oxford Martin School

Age of Discovery

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Moe and Chris Kutarna talk about how to navigate the risks and rewards of our new renaissance

The Age of Discovery

At one point or another, we’ve all been witness to history repeating itself.  Whether it’s a personal habit or pattern of behavior or a significant world situation, no matter how many times we try to rid the past, it always has a way of reappearing.  

In a modern society where the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are changing the very way we interact with the world, two Oxford Scholars, Ian Goldin and Chris Kutarna remind us why it’s integral to draw courage and wisdom from the last Renaissance if we’re serious about building an enduring legacy.  

“The present age is a contest:  between the good and bad consequences of global entanglement and human development; between forces of inclusion and exclusion; between flourishing genius and flourishing risk.”  They state in their captivating new book, The Age of Discovery:  Navigating the Risks and Rewards of Our New Renaissance.  “Whether we each flourish or flounder, and whether the twenty-first century goes down in the history books as one of humanity’s best or worst, depends on what we all do to promote the possibilities and dampen the dangers that this contest brings.”  

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and as Kutarna will so elegantly describe in this interview, the choices we make will not only impact our own lives; more importantly, they will dictate the circumstances of many lifetimes to come.  

Here’s how we open our conversation:

  • Learning to shape your own perspective  

  • The parallels of the new world renaissance

  • The real power behind the collective intelligence emerging

  • A glimpse into the new world of finance

  • Why the most important wealth is happening among the poor, not the rich

  • What history can teach us about education

  • Who’s most likely to flounder and flourish