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Alicia Morga

with Alicia Morga

Founder and CEO of Refleta

Create iPhone Apps That Rock

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33voices interviews Alicia Morga

Change your circumstance – Change your life.

Life as an entrepreneur is certainly a journey; and an exhilarating one. Alicia Morga is an inspiring portrait of what can happen when you take control of your emotions. Pain is always been said to be the seed of growth; yet few of us embrace the fertile process required to stretch our imagination. Alicia evolved because she trusted herself, “You always look back and notice that you’ve evolved, you never really know it when you’re in it.”

Alicia attended Stanford University, worked at Goldman Sachs and The Carlyle Group, but it wasn’t until she was CEO of her own company – Consorte Media – that she started acknowledging and honoring her feelings. As leaders of our own lives, embracing our emotional intelligence is the gateway to a more promising future. “When you realize that we’re all interconnected as human beings, whole new worlds open up and your life becomes more full.”