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Peter Boni

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Former CEO of Safeguard Scientifics

All Hands On Deck

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Peter Boni joins 33voices to discuss how to navigate your team through crises, get your organization unstuck and emerge victorious.

Is Adversity Your Ticket To a Bigger Future?

There are many reasons why the military continually produces the highest quality leaders, and topping that list is an uncompromising commitment to serve.  Military commanders sacrifice their lives and those of their family for the privilege of defending their country and fellow soldiers.  To many whom I know, it’s a moral obligation that goes far beyond personal recognition or financial rewards, and is much more about loyalty and pride.  

As a former special operations infantry officer in the Army, Peter J. Boni is certainly no stranger to adversity.  During his four decades of military and business experience, he has had his fair share of life altering challenges, still through it all, he has honed a proven methodology to navigate the toughest of terrains.  His approach – The ABCs to Advance, is chronicled in his book – All Hands On Deck, and is what anchors our conversation:

  • The leadership imperative of a repositioning artist

  • What adversity teaches you about ambition

  • The ABCs of navigating a tough terrain

  • The three questions that you always ask during a crisis

  • What a great strategic plan looks like

  • The leader’s role in the execution process

  • Why great leaders listen for

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