Baking Georgetown Cupcake From Scratch

Georgetown Cupcake

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Baking Georgetown Cupcake From Scratch

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Katherine, Sophie, and Jenna discuss how Georgetown Cupcake preserves the core of their first bakery in every cupcake fans enjoy around the nation.

Learning Points

  • How Katherine and Sophie’s grandmother inspires them as bakers
  • The original vision for Georgetown Cupcake as a small neighborhood bakery and how the sisters scaled it to be a multi-billion dollar company
  • Surviving the bakery’s early growing pains despite advisors suggesting the founders close the business; “You have to fight through the exhaustion.”
  • Katherine and Sophie’s continued hands-on involvement running the business, from baking to lining the pans, and cleaning the bakery at night
  • The genesis of Georgetown Cupcake’s shipping business, the company’s fastest-growing branch, and how the sisters brought it to life
  • Katherine and Sophie’s “Just do it” philosophy and why they say yes as often as possible
  • Listening as an underrated skill, and why “sometimes the best advice is the advice you don’t take.”
  • The team’s destination philosophy seeking out charming neighborhoods like Georgetown, and modeling every shop after the original bakery
  • How to harness your obsessive personality to create a best in class product and channel it to constantly set the bar higher

Image credits to Rebecca Yale.