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The hallmark of a brand rarely ends with delivering on a promise.  More and more today, consumers are demanding real-time relevance and highly customized solutions – which are hardly ever static.  

A few weeks ago, we profiled the rise of Honest Tea, the extraordinary story of a little known brand that since 1998 has won the hearts and wallets of millions of health conscious consumers.  At the beginning, they promised ‘to provide bottled Tea that tastes like Tea – A world of flavor, freshly brewed, and barely sweetened’; and not only have they consistently over-delivered on that promise, they’ve never stopped ‘thinking outside the “T.”  

By 2007, their portfolio had diversified tenfold, anchored by the launch of ‘Honest Kids’ and the beginning of the eventful acquisition by the Coca-Cola company, which for years has symbolized happiness.  For the record, I’m strongly opposed to any type of sugared water, but when CEO Muhtar Kent said that ‘Honest Tea was created with a strong commitment to sustainability built into the enterprise, and we want you to share that mindset with our organization.  

This deal is not about making Honest Tea more like Coca-Cola; in many ways, we want Coca-Cola to operate more like Honest Tea”, I was encouraged by the evolution in their thinking.  Brand maven and Idea Couture founder, Idris Mootee rarely sees a brand for the products it sells.  To him, it’s much more about how the company behaves.  In his book, 60-Minute Brand Strategist, he shares the four things a brand must do to succeed.