A Message to Female Founders

A Message to Female Founders

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Although startup life is invigorating, as founders, we rarely experience as many humorous moments as the Pied Piper team does on Silicon Valley. One thing we can relate to, however, is Richard’s experience targeting and working with investors. 

Alexa Von Tobel
, the CEO and founder of LearnVest, and Caroline Ghosn, the CEO and co-founder of Levo League, addressed startup funding for female founders at Claudia Chan’s S.H.E. Summit conference this Friday. While Alexa’s been driven by her dreams since she told her mom that she’d attend Harvard at age eight, it’s undeniable that her success stems from her willingness to take calculated risks. These are three things she does before making business decisions: 

  1. Ask your 90 year old self if you’ll regret not pursuing an idea. (Spoiler alert: The answer is always yes.) 
  2. Create a business plan for YOU. The plan Alexa built for LearnVest was 75 pages, including research on each point, and shapes the company today. 
  3. Turn your 75 page plan into a 12 slide powerpoint for investors. Your research will inform the presentation, so don’t shy away from the brevity. 

Caroline’s mantra is to “start by starting,” which she used to emphasize that perfection is the enemy of progress. Here are a few insights she kept in mind as her team raised 7 million dollars of Series A funding for Levo League:

  1. Be clear about your business goals and target people who can greatest help you achieve them.
  2. Remember that you aren’t fundraising for yourself; You’re fundraising for the cause you believe in. 

As a young founder, I’m eager to practice Alexa and Caroline’s scaling strategies and hope that you’ll keep me posted as you do the same. 


  • [click to tweet] “Nobody funds the victim. People fund victors.” – @carolineghosn #SHESummit
  • [click to tweet] “Get up every morning, dress the part, show up with a great attitude, & take it one day at a time.” – @alexavontobel #SHESummit