Athos: Empowering People to Train Like Athletes

Athos: Empowering People to Train Like Athletes

Athos: Empowering People to Train Like Athletes 1600 900 33Voices

There’s nothing more frustrating than targeting your glutes and working out your quads instead. In a world where we can monitor our sleep with Sense and test our testosterone, fertility, vitamin D, inflammation, and influenza levels with Cue (yes you can check all of those with that tiny device) there’s no reason that our efforts to get ready for jean season should be hindered. 

Say hello to Athos, the workout solution highlighting each muscle you work, how hard you’re working and sends all of the information straight to your phone (Watch their demo video here.)

The Core measures the EMG released by your muscles to determine whether you’re toning or building muscle and if you’re training at the proper rate. Lighter than four nickels, the small device fits directly into the Athos Gear – They currently have black shirts and shorts for men and women – and sends all of the data to your cell phone for you to analyze in the moment or when you’re having your post workout meal. 

It’s no surprise that Athos has been recognized as the best wearable in fitness and I’m extremely excited to test the product when they start shipping this fall. 

To learn more about the company’s mission to give you greater power over your workouts than ever before tune into our conversation with their co-founder and CEO, DJ  and get a sneak peak at The Core. 

Photo retrieved from Athos.