Delightful Feedback: A New Approach to Brand Communication

Delightful Feedback: A New Approach to Brand Communication

Delightful Feedback: A New Approach to Brand Communication 1600 900 33Voices

What was the last survey you filled out? Whether it was evaluating your time at a restaurant or sharing your experience at a salon, you aren’t alone if  you loathe those pesky little bubbles demanding your opinion. 

Caleb Elston, Mark Dodwell, and Mike Gowen are reinventing the feedback process by giving brands like Bonobos, Hotel Tonight and Eventbrite a simple way to increase customers engagement with their Palo Alto startup Delighted

The concept behind Delighted is refreshing and simple for both parties; By asking a single question “How likely are you to recommend this service to a friend?” the startup’s eliminating the complexity of brand communication and elevating customer experience. 

Delighted not only affords companies a higher response rate, the service simplifies their request prompting users to welcome brand communication. 

Consumers, on the other hand, are empowered to quickly express their opinions without any additional obligations. 

While customers may not be interested in writing long Yelp reviews, the simplicity behind Delighted’s one question drives engagement because we decide if we’d recommend a service to a friend within moments of using it. 

Once companies receive feedback, especially those in the early stages, Elston encourages them to evaluate user responses based on usability. While exciting features add to an experience, a product needs to be valuable from a usage stand point for a startup to survive. 

Thus startups should prioritize features that can be used daily and would complete an experience rather than supplementing it. For example, we may use emojis in a majority of our texts but the little awkward face and outraged monkey are moot if we don’t have text messages to send them in. 

The same applies for adding features on the backend, Elston advises founders to do tasks manually until they’re doing them 10-15 times a day. Having worked in private stealth for over a year, the team is committed to maintaining focus by staying as scrappy for as long as possible. 

Delighted successfully launched out of beta in October and Elston shares that his biggest goal, which he believes every founder should have, is to build the company he’s always dreamed of working for, and as he works heads down with Dodwell and Gowen in Palo Alto it’s clear they’re making their dream a reality. 

To learn more about  Elston’s journey building Delighted and how your company can start using the service tune into today’s episode of 33founders.