Frank Swiatek: Great Mangers Evolve.

Frank Swiatek: Great Mangers Evolve.

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“What makes a person good is that they’re always getting better”.  Executive consultant, Frank Swiatek collaborated with former Verizon CEO,  Denny Strigl to write ‘Mangers, Can You Hear Me Now?’ – a road map to how the best managers get results.  There are obviously many different paths toward greatness, but Denny and Frank are convinced that “Happy employees don’t make good results – good results make happy employees.”  


No one can argue with Denny’s track record; he’s led Verizon to an enviable position and perhaps his competitors can get a glimpse of his thinking by this principle alone.  As with most great leaders, Denny had incredibly high expectation, but he also understood that when an employer aims for happiness in an employee, it’s an un-fillable hole.  The trick is to understand that the real emotions that benefit the organization, are actually the ones that fuel great employees.  Pride, self-confidence, and desire are emotions that aspiring organizations aim for and as a result, their employees begin to embody those values top to bottom.


“You’re talking about human energy.” said Fran Swiatek, “And research has repeatedly shown that most employees have energy that’s not being used.  So, when you’re proud of what you’re doing and excited about the results, you have the self-motivation that you need to succeed.  That’s the best motivator because the battery is inside.”


You stay on top by ‘beating your competition at the fundamentals of business.’  Once you taste success, it’s critical that you understand what got you there and create the environment to replicate it.  It’s important to ensure that your day to day focus remains on results .