Greenhouse Streamlines Hiring

Greenhouse Streamlines Hiring

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Between Livefyre founder Jordan Kretchmer lighting up at the slightest mention of culture, and Nicolas Brusson sharing that BlaBlaCar’s highest success will be having happy team members,  the recurring lesson I learn on 33founders is how essential people are to an organization’s success.

Nearly every founder we speak with at 33voices is hiring. Whether they’re working to fill a specific role like Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman are at Campus Job, or following Richard Kerby’s advice to always be seeking A+ talent, hiring is an enormous and time consuming part of their jobs. 

Fortunately for my busy friends, Daniel Chait, the Co-Founder and CEO of Greenhouse, is streamlining the process. 

Founded in 2012, Greenhouse is a recruiting optimization platform providing a hiring plan and interview kit for businesses. 

The hiring plan highlights a clear strategy for sourcing and targeting potential team members. 

The software also enables teams to determine which sourcing efforts are most effective. Thus from the initial ad to the final decision Greenhouse organizes all of the data a team needs.  

The interview kit then empowers each team member to be prepared for their time with a potential hire. 

Whether conducting an interview or monitoring progress on a project, team members are equipped with the all the information they need to make the most out of their time. 

According to Daniel, Greenhouse provides a “level of thinking and preparedness that most organizations have never had.” 

Put simply, from sourcing to targeting, reaching out, and interviewing Greenhouse compiles and organizes each component of the hiring process into a single platform. 

When it comes to growing his team, Daniel’s adamant about bringing on individuals who are eager to work outside of their job descriptions. 

The people who make the biggest difference are the people who find their own problems to solve and solve them without you telling them to.

Echoing YPlan Co-Founder Rytis Vitkauskas, the Greenhouse team is working to build an organization where every customer problem is a team problem, regardless an individual’s position. 

When Greenhouse hit 50 team members, it was time for the founders to define an explicit culture for the company.

We made a very concrete attempt to move our company from an implicit startup culture to more of an explicit growth oriented culture by defining six specific culture credos that we started to use in goal setting and rewards.

Daniel on cultivating a growth-oriented culture.

As they prepare for hyper growth, Daniel’s cognizant of the problems that can arise with scale. 

Less than two years ago he was selling the software off of his laptop. Today the company boasts over 500 customers, most who come through word mouth. 

Looking ahead, Daniel’s focusing on building the organization and improving interdepartmental communications and processes to ensure the best possible version of the Greenhouse product. 

A few upcoming features include setting clearer benchmarks to optimize processes, predictive analytics, and the ability to compare yourself to other companies. 

To learn more about how to use Greenhouse and gain insight into the reality of fundraising, scaling, and exceptional customer service tune into Daniel’s 33founders interview

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