How to Benefit From Sharing Content

How to Benefit From Sharing Content

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Aside from starting 12 companies, being recognized on multiple 30 under 30 lists, and currently leading Sniply Michael Cheng is known for his genuine commitment to serve his customers. 

Mike’s latest venture is based on the intuitive concept that brands and thought leaders should benefit from sharing meaningful content. 

That’s where Sniply comes in; With a personalized link, analytics dashboard, and, most importantly, a call to action on the linked piece of content, the platform empowers brands to drive conversion through curation. 

Mike’s a firm believer that social channels have replaced the subscription model, amplifying the importance of brands being active on social media. 

The nature of subscription has changed. Today we are all curators.

Mike on the future of content sharing.

From The Dodo, to Fast Company, and Fueled I was shocked at how accurate Mike’s declaration is. 

Take Fueled for example, who recently shared Ali Mese’s Medium post, “300 Awesome Free Things: A Massive List of Free Stuff Made by Awesome People,” that I would have never discovered or shared if it wasn’t for their tweet.

Sniply’s main goal is to help brands like Fueled benefit from sharing impactful content. 

The personalized link enables users to attach a custom message to the page they’re sharing that leads back to their website. 

Here’s an example from Sniply.  

While the team’s work may emerge as the missing piece in the content marketing world the most important insight I’ll take away from Mike is his honest intent to engage with his customers. 

From sharing their experiences applying and eventually not being accepted to Y Combinator to being open about the imperfect state of their product, humble is the perfect word to describe the Sniply team. 

To learn more about the culture driving Sniply and start generating personalized links tune into Mike’s 33founders interview and visit Sniply here