How to Evoke the Best Startup Culture

How to Evoke the Best Startup Culture

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Whether they’re feasting on Sungold Tarts with thyme and bacon or indulging in Hay Rosie Craft’s Sage Chocolate Chip ice cream, The Good Eggs team breaks at 12:30 every afternoon to share lunch. Rob Spiro, the company’s co-founder and CEO, credits the time spent around the table as the business’ most effective way of breathing life into the Good Eggs’ mission. 

I’ve been fortunate to grow up with family dinners so Rob’s insight not only deeply resonated with me, but he opened my eyes to the power that meaningful table conversations, ranging from the Seahawks overtime win to our daily musings, can have on organizational culture. 

Although not every team will have special lunches prepared by chef Audrey Snyder it’s certainly possible to break and share a meal or coffee together; And if meals aren’t your thing, try taking short walks or collaborating on projects that are unrelated to work to build a culture that feels more like dinner at the Cosby’s than the traditional 9 to 5.

 So as you tune into these 10 tips on evoking exceptional startup culture, think of a tradition you can start for your organization that will make employees proud to be on your team.