How to Forge Strategic Partnerships

How to Forge Strategic Partnerships

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Remember the old buddy system, where you’d walk with your best friend to and from the playground? Well, it turns out that our kindergarden teachers were on to something and as we grow older relationships remain the largest indicators of success in our personal and professional lives. Just like it took countless playdates to find our perfect match, seeking individuals and brands to partner with is a trying feat for every startup.

Although challenging, it’s vital that founders stay motivated and remember that strategic partnerships are not only possible, but that collaboration is an inherent characteristic of the world’s most successful companies. Take Livefyre for example, founder and CEO Jordan Kretchmer spent six months securing the company’s first client, News International, and today the team represents 50% of the world’s biggest media companies. 

While the process isn’t seamless, we reached out to Anson Tsui and Steven Hsiao from SpoonRocket, ZipDial’s Valerie Wagoner, and Windsor Hanger from Her Campus Media to gain insight on the business strategies behind the startups’ partnerships ranging from local shops like The Cookie Department to brands like American Express, Gillette and Disney. 

For more information on Valerie’s experience pitching ZipDial to potential partners, here’s her two minute explanation on how to minimize risk