8 Money Tips to Scale Your Startup

8 Money Tips to Scale Your Startup

8 Money Tips to Scale Your Startup 1500 1000 33Voices

One of the best pieces of advice Paul Berry shared with me was that the mark of startup success is the shift from being scrappy to scalable.Whether you’re revolutionizing the way people understand their workouts like the Athos team or eliminating the age-old task of doing laundry like Jordan Metzner is with Washio, the one thing every startup must achieve in order to scale is efficiently organize their finances. 

Although we all wish our ideas would scale from day 1, it’s nearly impossible to do that without a for profit model. Recognizing the need for content startups to monetize and retail companies to build partnerships, we brought together the founders of ZinePak, HerCampus Media and GiveForward to share how the financial strategies enabling them to lead their industries.

Here’s how Brittany Hodak, Kim Kaupe, Windsor Hanger, Ethan Austin and Desiree Vargas Wrigley are funding their successful startups.

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