How to Be a Decision Maker

How to Be a Decision Maker

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Indecision is paralyzing, and whether you’re struggling to decide which new project to pursue or how to manage your money, the inability to make decisions and stick to them is often the reason we don’t achieve our goals. 

Leadership is all about making decisions, and while many associate being a leader with fancy positions that start with “C,”  like captain, CEO, and chairman, being a leader extends to each aspect of our lives, even down to the meal we decide to make for dinner. 

Ranging from the passion my college mentor poured into each class she taught me or my younger brother’s courage to successfully appeal a college denial, the most beneficial leadership strategy I’ve learned is simply to watch others. I’m capable of making active decisions in my life because I emulate those who I admire; And while it’s daunting to think about, each choice you make strongly impacts those around you, even if you don’t know them. 

So whether you’re the president of your student run organization, a startup CEO, or leading a community volunteer group here are 10 ways to be conscious about making, evaluating and executing your decisions.