The Joyus Promise: Monetizing Video in E-Commerce

The Joyus Promise: Monetizing Video in E-Commerce

The Joyus Promise: Monetizing Video in E-Commerce 1500 1006 33Voices

With over a billion users watching 600 billion hours of video on YouTube each month it’s undeniable that video is the preferred learning medium for today’s generation. Capitalizing on this trend and the emergence of curated commerce, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy set out to bridge the two with Joyus, an online video shopping experience for the latest fashion, health and beauty products.

Aside from Ella Moss pullovers and Body Bling tinted moisturizer, the most fascinating part of the site, for both personal and professional reasons, is the exceptional standard the team sets for every video. Ranging from engaging hosts, to a beautiful production studio and compelling stories Joyus’ editorial standard has established them as the most competitive player in the game. 

Although platform is dedicating to promoting products, each of the Joyus experts (there are seven women who host the shows) not only specialize in their product categories but possess a special knack for storytelling. Thus when Leandra Rouse highlights the Oasis IceBreaker line she’s not selling the winter workout clothes, she’s explaining how it’s allowed her to run outside on crisp November mornings and why it will keep you warm on your fall trips to the pumpkin patch. Each of the videos are brief, educational (they cover what the product is and how it’s manufactured), and discuss multiple uses for the product. 

When explaining the Joyus promise, Sukhinder emphasizes that the product or content being highlighted in any type of video always comes first. Regardless of the quality of the video or the host’s storytelling abilities, if your company isn’t demonstrating a life enhancing product than you’ve not only eliminated the opportunity to make a sale but you’ve lost a potential lifetime user. 

The second part of the Joyus promise elevates video production to the highest level. Although easy to produce, Sukhinder is a strong advocate that premium video matters and lays the foundation for organization’s to grow their user base and crowdsource their content in the future. 

When it comes to sharing video, email remains Joyus’ primary channel of communication with their users. Whether revealing the secret to wavy beach hair or the toning exercises from Burr Leonard’s The Bar Method, email remains the most personalized, direct and useful way to deliver content relevant to users’ lives. In addition to email, Sukhinder suggests syndicating video content to other publishing partners to drive repeat customers.  

To see the Joyus promise in action head over to and tune into our conversation with Sukhinder here

Photo retrieved from Business Insider.