How to Plan a Cover Story Worthy Startup Launch

How to Plan a Cover Story Worthy Startup Launch

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In a perfect world every announcement your startup makes would be covered with a front page story in all major news publications. In fact, the interest would be so high that between TechCrunch, Business Insider and Entrepreneur you’d barely have time to get all the interviews in. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world – Christmas is still 89 days away and there’s no valid excuse for taking a week off to watch every episode of House of Cards – so getting press remains one of the most difficult challenges startups face, especially in the early stages. 

Solving problems since their time together in high school, Zady co-founders Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bedat met the challenge with a plan and landed a Wall Street Journal cover story for their launch. 

Soraya credits leading publications’ interest in Zady to the brand’s mission to end fast fashion rather than simply being another e-commerce company. In the tech world, where startups are formed, funded and folded faster than we can keep up it’s vital that founders differentiate their work  by demonstrating the ways their startup is disrupting the industry and actively communicating that mission to journalists. 

For Zady, it’s sustainable, slow fashion that’s stylish and ethically produced; And the team fulfills their mission to the highest extent providing customers with in depth stories about the designer’s work and the ability to trace a product’s origins down to manufacturing location. You can try it here and learn more about Small Trades’ classic line that’s handmade and locally sourced in New York City. 

Targeting catalysts to promote your brand is an essential component to get the most out of your launch, which Soraya recommends startup founders should plan three months out. To supplement raising awareness it’s important to build a compelling landing page that engages users and leaves them wanting more. Once they add their names to the waitlist you’ll be free to email them the moment Beyonce starts endorsing your brand. 

Although Zady has countless supporters, Soraya and Maxine’s passion to help people ‘buy good’ is fueling the company’s mission forward and as they prepare to release a unique Zady brand, it’s clear they’re pioneering the movement. Photo retrieved from TheFrisky