Mark Sisson: Wrong information affects people’s health

Mark Sisson: Wrong information affects people’s health

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This is Moe Abdou. I’m elated today to be talking with Mark Sisson to discuss my favorite topic, optimal health. Mark, I can give you a huge introduction but I know that everything that you’re doing will come out in our conversation and I’m really happy that you joined us this afternoon.

First I have to comment you on your vision, your commitment. I want to start by asking you a simple question: What keeps you inspired to do what you do every day?

It started out my own passion in my own fitness and health. Many many years ago, over the decades having been in the business and having coaching, having written and having been involved in the periphery of human performance as well as racing and all kinds of stuff, what ultimately comes down to what now I have the blog Mark’s Daily Apple and this book is the side from how I get from hearing success stories. I get up every day to log on and see who has taken the information and applied it and had phenomenal result in their lives. It’s crazy that thousands of people have adopted this Primal Blueprint and that’s really what motivates me on the day-to-day bases.

And it also tells you that there was such a huge gap in the thinking of these thousands of people who come on your site every day thanking you and showing these results because as you mentioned in your book, it’s pretty clear that conventional wisdom has some flaws.

Yeah. The bottom line is that everybody wants to do the right thing and that’s a basic assumption. I do these talk and I get together with people and I was by saying that every body I think deep down wants to be lean, fit, strong, productive, happy and all these things we claim we want. And I think that people are at their basic level probably not lazy, not stupid, they’re willing to do the work. But they’ve been so frustrated over the past decades because they’ve been given the wrong information. They have given up. Imagine being told that fat is bad for you and voiding fat becomes your module of life for two decades. And after all this struggle and suffer and going to gym and burning calories and watching your diet to control the amount of fat, you gained 20 pounds! It’s so frustrating to the average person. And I think what we’ve brief life into this movement by poking holes in the fraud conventional wisdoms and suggesting that we have been given sent down the wrong path by the Department of Agriculture, your food pyramid, by the American Medical Associations, by the American Diabetes and Dietetic Associations, by the curriculum that is being taught in the nutrition program and in the registered dietitian programs. It’s all based on fraud, old, tired dogma.  And what we’ve done is to open people’s eyes. Imagine being 40,50 years old and realizing that you don’t have to struggle and suffer and sweat and sacrifice and count calories and do all the exercise that don’t make any sense. You can actually achieve a slim, fit, strong happy healthy body with minimum amount of exercise and by enjoying the food that we are genetically preprogramed, like our factory’s default setting, expects us to have a diet that’s high in meat, fish, nut seeds, egg, and just avoid these other food that have been problems for the last three decades.