Compelling Narratives Distinguish SD Startups

Compelling Narratives Distinguish SD Startups

Compelling Narratives Distinguish SD Startups 1600 900 33Voices

When Apple released Think Different Jobs reimagined advertising by paving the way for outliers to tell their stories. The commercial isn’t about the MacBook, it’s about the person it was made for, the Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Muhammad Ali’s of the world  – The people who see things differently. 

Greg Horowitt, co-author of The Rainforest Book, emphasized the Apple religion at the #GoSanDiego speaker series by affirming that the success behind brands like Tesla and Amazon is story first, product second.

Humorous and relaxed narratives distinguished the San Diego startups presenting at Demo Night this week and the presentations that took me to the future are the ones I shared with my friends. 

Shitzu Molly Sue was the protagonist in Taylor Cavanah’s PetPartnerApp pitch, a tool to organize vet, grooming, and boarding appointments. While I’m capable of scheduling my dogs Joey and Samantha’s appointments the genuine happiness Taylor exuded called me to download the app. 

Zesty founder, Randy Apuzzo and CloudBeds Adam Harris, used chanting and costumes to engage the audience. The energy Apuzzo and Harris brought to the stage, especially Harris’ bathrobe and Sperry ensemble, had me laughing and tweeting about the brands.

Summer Rogers, nPruv CEO, promised medical progress by connecting patients to clinical trials and putting the millions of dollars lost on unfulfilled trials toward new cures and treatment. By depicting a future I hope to be a part of, each of these founders gained my support and a new follower to promote their work.

To learn more about the startups who pitched at Startup San Diego’s Demo Night find them here: nPruv, Zesty, PetPartnerApp, CloudBeds, Measurabl, Knoitall, Quippi.  

Photo retrieved from Randy Apuzzo.