Nimbus Light Increases Safety for Army Pilots

Nimbus Light Increases Safety for Army Pilots

Nimbus Light Increases Safety for Army Pilots 1600 900 33Voices

The most rewarding part of hosting 33founders is watching our founders succeed. 

In the last ten days alone, Max Ventilla and AltSchool raised $100 million to expand their reach, my friend Kellee added new bridesmaids dresses to her custom collection at Loverly, and Baiju Bhatt raised $50 million to bring Robinhood’s zero commission stock trading app to Australia. 

The thrill I experience with each of these exciting announcements is my deepest motivation to share founders’ stories. Thus, you can imagine how happy I am that Max Hershfield, my friend from middle school, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for his product Nimbus Light. 

Nimbus Light is a task lighting solution for Army pilots to see in the cockpit while flying at night.

Designed with efficiency and safety in mind, the product enables pilots to switch the light on and off using a single hand. This allows them to keep one hand on aircraft controls at all times. 

Here’s a quick look at the need Nimbus Light is fulfilling and how our pilots feel about it. 

From our days working together on the Community Service Board, I’ve always known Max is a born leader. 

While his organization and responsibility enable him to finish tasks quickly, it’s Max contagious excitement that makes you want to be a part of whatever he’s working on. 

As a fellow CSB member and friend, I’m so proud to see him applying that passion to a life changing project as he wraps up his time at Stanford’s 

Rachel Olney, Max’s co-founder, a pilot herself and a military wife, shared that there’s little product diversity in the airspace market. The duo is launching an Indiegogo campaign on May 18th to combat that and save pilots from settling on less than capable lighting solutions. 

A few months ago I spent time with another Stanford student who asked me how different the world would be if the intelligent engineers building an ‘Uber for something’ were working on solving global problems. 

Justin’s insight stayed with me, and I’m so proud of my friend for being an individual who’s pioneering that difference. 

I urge you to learn more about Max and Rachel’s journey building Nimbus Light by visiting their website and liking them on Facebook here

You can also tune into their episode of 33founders to learn about their goals for Nimbus Light, how their time at Stanford’s prepared them for success, and how to support them on Indiegogo.