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A few days ago, I received a two line email from a good friend with a link to a short video that he requested that I watch.  The video was the subject of Indiegogo campaign to save a young man’s life who was dying from a debilitating disease, and his only hope was a long-shot treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. 

The goal was to raise $25,000, to cover the cost of his travel and the initial consultation with their team of specialist.  The video was gut wrenching – shot in the tiny hospital room where he had spend the past five years, it opened with him echoing the words “I’m dying”, and for the next four minutes proceeded to visually demonstrate how his muscular dystrophy has worsened to the point where he can’t eat, or function independently in anyway. 

At 6’1″ and a meager 75 lbs, he was literally clinging to life by a custom rope like devise connected to the ceiling of his room.  Less than a minute into the video, I paused, first to catch my breath and acknowledge my eternal gratitude for my health, and to immediately donate.  Mikey’s message was simple, emotional and true; which is exactly how Zack Friend will help craft a compelling narrative that will make your brand memorable. 

In his book, On Message, he gives you the formula that the pros use to emotionally connect with their customers; the same one he help create for the Barack Obama campaign,