Scott Case on Saying Yes

Scott Case on Saying Yes

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How many times have you said yes this week? Whether it’s a friend seeking advice or your partner reaching out for help saying yes is always more beneficial than saying no.

Scott Case, founding CTO of Priceline and CEO of UpAmerica, opened his presentation at the #GoSanDiego speaker series by affirming that when building a business, anything that can go wrong, will. As the founder filled audience nodded in agreement, Case proposed a solution extending deeper than the traditional advice to ‘enjoy the process.’ Using failure to exemplify the importance of establishing relationships Case asserted that the most successful individuals solve problems with the help of friends and mentors. 

#GoSanDiego’s central focus was building the San Diego startup community and Case emphasized that dynamic cultures rely on thriving knowledge networks to help each individual grow. Amidst his reminder to be patient cultivating the ecosystem Case established that the growth is directly related to individual contributions. 

While the end goal may be a thriving community, startup funding, or new partnerships, when you approach relationships altruistically the return is always greater than what you put in. So next time you think you’re too busy to help someone, try connecting in a simple way like meeting at the gym or a conversation on your morning commute, and see how saying yes improves your life. 

Photo retrieved from John Morris