Show Don’t Tell: Why Culture Wins

Show Don’t Tell: Why Culture Wins

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The first thing you’d see if you walked into the Managed by Q office is a flood of individuals – from engineers to operators and senior executives – wearing Q tee-shirts. You might even spot a makeshift backpack used to transport cleaning supplies. 

Turn the corner and you’ll find a team member printing homework for their children; While another is seated nearby discussing their career path with a supervisor or reminiscing on last night’s epic clean. 

I first learned about Managed by Q in early June and was fascinated by the startup’s seamless ability to act as an “operating system for the physical space.” 

Founded in 2013, the team helps businesses manage their office by enabling them to request cleaning, maintenance, and supplies through an iPad that Q provides. 

Managed by Q’s partnered with companies like Keep, Bond Street, and AstrskPR.

From customers to investors and even journalists, individuals are united highlighting Managed by Q’s founders Dan Teran and Saman Rahmanian‘s commitment to ensure that community comes first at their startup. 

“We wanted to make sure that everybody – whether you’re an engineer, or you work in operations – gets the same quality of treatment and experience. Everyone has the same types of benefits and expectations of being an employee at Q,” Saman shared. 

To solidify that, Dan and Saman are currently working on stock options for their cleaners and handymen. 

As we navigate the freelance economy, and many companies face legal disputes for using independent contractors rather than formally employing individuals, Bloomberg reporter Katie Brenner describes Managed by Q as an “anomaly.” 

More than the tangible benefits of working at Managed by Q, the values that Dan and Saman instill in their team have shaped an all inclusive and empowering culture.   

The foundation rests on the principle that “everybody cleans,” as Dan shared on his personal blog. 

“The reason that everybody cleans is to understand the work that the majority of our employees do and to feel first hand how it works. It grounds you and sets you on the same level,” Saman explained. 

Nobody is too good to clean.

Saman on Managed by Q's core value

While sharing the tradition, Saman aptly noted that he’s due to get in the cleaning queue. 

Moving forward the founders highest goal is to build a thriving community.

“I think of Q less as a corporate office and more as a center where we can start the beginning of a community life,” Saman said. 

One of the ways the team achieves that is through their operator assemblies that bring together team members and their families. 

From seven people in a windowless room to hundreds of team members and their children, the operator assemblies are used to celebrate recent milestones, outstanding performances, and upcoming features and announcements. 

“Now it’s more of an assembly; A big community event. They’re exciting and very energizing,” Saman shared. 

Despite today’s assemblies feeling like a celebration, Saman’s quick to reflect on the early days of starting Managed by Q and the realities of scaling a business. 

“In the early days, you worry about setting the precedent and making sure that you set the train in the right direction…As weeks and months pass, you see more of the early visions come to life, change and evolve. It’s very humbling.” 

“We had an inkling of what we wanted to do. Our team members are the ones who bring it to life; In ways that neither Dan and I could have ever thought. It’s a very revealing moment.”

To gain deeper insight into the culture powering Managed by Q meet Saman in his episode of Beyond the Headline, follow them on Twitter, and learn more about their open positions here

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • How Managed by Q works as an operating system for your physical space 
  • The decision to make operators full-time team members 
  • What it’s like to be on the Managed by Q team 
  • Dan and Saman’s early validation for the service 
  • Why startups aren’t glamorous and the types of individuals who thrive in them

Images retrieved from Dan Teran’s post Everybody Cleans and Managed by Q.