The Click Moment

The Click Moment

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In late 1999, I was having an exit interview with an individual whom I deeply respected, when he handed me a book he felt would be useful in my recruiting efforts.  The book – The Five Patterns of an Extraordinary Career, was written by Rick Smith and helped me develop a more inspiring framework for my associates to get the most out of their career with our firm. 

As I always do, I immediately connected with Rick, fully adapted his approach and experienced stellar results.  Towards the end of one of our conversations, Rick mentioned a friend in Paris who expressed a similar passion for his work – her name was Janice and within five minutes of speaking with her, it was clear that we both shared a deep desire to learn.  

Two weeks after our initial conversation, we agreed to test a concept of bringing together 25 highly accomplished entrepreneurs for a few hours of dialogue with a progressive thinker.  We decided to name it, First Fridays and that was ultimately the birth of 33voices.

This is what Frans Johansson calls – The Click Moment. That serendipitous event that I was lucky enough to recognize because, more often than not, we never stop long enough to examine them. Here’s what you’re missing if you’re too focused on what you’re doing…