The Four Desires

The Four Desires

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Happiness is contagious.  And after spending 30 seconds with Rod Stryker, it was clear to me why he wrote his uplifting new book – The Four Desires:  Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom.  Rod’s  inspired to make the world a better place, and his greatest contribution is to equip each of us to pursue our highest calling with every ounce of fiber that we have. 

The Four Desires is a process and a lifestyle.  It starts with perhaps the most important question that each of us faces each morning; clarifying and living our highest purpose.  In coaching entrepreneurs for the first 25 years of my professional career, this was the defining question that seemed so elusive to many.  As I began to explore this topic with Rod, my aha moment emerged when he said, “your purpose is not necessarily about profession.  It’s about what you’re meant to contribute to the world.” 

Never before had anyone made it so clear.  

It’s that simple and that difficult.  When we start asking the right questions, the answers suddenly appear and the gateway to happiness doesn’t seem so far away.  Listen to Rod discuss the next three desires….