Treehouse’s Mission to Change Tech

Treehouse’s Mission to Change Tech

Treehouse’s Mission to Change Tech 1600 900 33Voices

Alan Johnson is a builder. Whether he’s building websites, designing mobile apps or growing a team, everything he does lends to his work building Treehouse, an online coding school teaching students how to code and design websites for $25 each month. 

Although he’s constantly creating in a literal sense, Alan’s highest goal is to build one thing – A meaningful life. To do so, he’s adamant about being deliberate and his quest to achieve it extends far beyond Treehouse’s classes and resides in the heart of each company operation. 

The team’s mission is highlighted in their Code to Work campaign which they’re pioneering alongside the Clinton Global Initiative. Code to Work is designed to train 150,000 individuals to code and place them in careers by 2018. To support the campaign, the team’s also partnered with Girls Inc. and ChickTech on Change the Ratio, a Treehouse scholarship program for women to learn how to code. Subscribing to the notion that software is the future of self expression, the Treehouse team is adamant about changing the status quo for women in tech, which currently indicates that less than 25 % of tech jobs are held by females. The team is highly dedicated to connect individuals to careers which they do at their Career Resources Center.  

Between four day work weeks and a manager free organization, Alan and his co-founder Ryan Carson are dedicated to finding team members who are driven by the desire to help Treehouse students learn. To learn more about the leaders emerging on their team and how they’re achieving their goal to change tech, tune into our conversation with Alan on 33founders.