We did it ourselves!

We did it ourselves!

We did it ourselves! 150 150 33Voices

One of my favorite metaphors about leadership is Lao-Tsu’s “To lead people, walk beside them… As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence.  The next best, the people honor and praise.  The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate…. When the best Leader’s work is done, the people say – ‘We did it ourselves!’


In each of my leadership roles, whether it’s starting a business, growing an existing one, coaching football or just being a dad; my highest aspiration has always been to make those around me feel as if they’ve done on their own.  To me, that’s proof positive that my impact has mattered; and almost without exception,  its me that walks away learning more than when I started.


I’m a huge student of leadership, and I have no more respect for anyone than I do for Harvard’s John Kotter.  His work has taught me that leadership is privilege, but 

it’s work that is never finished.  In our conversation, we focus on many aspects of leadership, but it’s his notion on what makes a great leader that might catch you off guard…