Setting the Conditions for Inner Peace

Bob Roth

with Bob Roth

Meditation Teacher and CEO of the David Lynch Foundation

Setting the Conditions for Inner Peace

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Do you ever feel your body pulling you in the right direction?

This inner compass is the facet of Bob Roth’s teachings on Transcendental Meditation that I was most curious about…How does TM help us access it?

“It’s the nature of life, given the opportunity, to grow,”  he says. “With the body, you set up the conditions, it will heal itself. But, it’s all about setting up the conditions.”

Bob illuminates how tapping into this innermost part of ourselves amplifies everything from our creativity to our capacity to fulfill our purpose and love unconditionally. Each flourishes from discerning the conditions that enable us to embody our truth and allowing the rest to unfold.

Bob has taught thousands of people TM, and through his leadership as CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, facilitated the teaching of over a million students, veterans with PTSD, and survivors of domestic violence. As one of the most sought out teachers, his belief that we all need the ability to heal ourselves expands beyond our individual experience. It’s essential to our collective vitality.