Boosting Employee Retention and Recognition

Kevin Nakao

with Kevin Nakao

Head of Sales & Marketing at TinyPulse

Boosting Employee Retention and Recognition

Boosting Employee Retention and Recognition 700 700 33Voices

Moe and Kevin Nakao talk about what TinyPulse’s data is revealing about workplace culture. 

Can TinyPulse Improve Your Employee Retention?

For fifteen years now, Gallup’s employee engagement research has continually revealed a disproportionate number of the U.S. workforce who report being less than enthusiastic about their work and workplace environments.  Despite a slight increase in 2014 in those who feel engaged in the jobs, a staggering 68.5% of those surveyed still report as either ‘not engaged’, or ‘actively disengaged.‘  Still, the most alarming statistic of all is the level of dissatisfaction reported amongst working millennials.  Among the generations, they are “particularly less likely than other generations to say they ‘have the opportunity to do what they do best’ at work.”  

It’s also worth noting that in mid-2015, Pew Research reported that active millennials had surpassed the generation before them, Generation X, to represent one-in-three U.S. workers; thus becoming the largest segment of the American workforce.  As such, no organization, regardless of size, can afford to ignore the changing dynamic of a generation that values autonomy, professional development, and a business purpose that goes beyond making a profit.  

Lucky for us, nimble startups like Tinypulse provide simple tools to listen, respond and identify opportunities to shrink that workplace engagement gap.  During this conversation with Kevin Nakoa, we peel back the veil on millions of data points to learn about the key trends that distinguish today’s most emulated workplace cultures.  

Here’s what we discuss:  

  • What the TinyPulse’s data is revealing about workplace culture

  • What are the key indicators that measure organizational trust

  • The correlation between happiness and employee productivity

  • The role TinyPulse can play in recruiting and retention

  • Minimizing workplace stress

  • The leadership patterns that ignite greatness in others

  • The role recognition plays in one’s sense of happiness