Building a New Marketplace to Solve Income Inequality

Mike Dolan

with Mike Dolan

Founder of Igobono

Building a New Marketplace to Solve Income Inequality

Building a New Marketplace to Solve Income Inequality 1200 1200 33Voices

Chase and Jenna chat with Mike Dolan about how he’s providing immediate spending power to Igobono members, while allowing them to easily sell goods and services for social currency

A New Take on the Sharing Economy

One of the most rewarding parts of our Founders series is meeting individuals who have a vision to change the world. Igobono co-founder and CEO Mike Dolan is no different as he seeks to recreate the way we acquire goods.

It’s difficult to believe that a social economy has come to the internet and although the platform is similar to a retail experience allowing users to purchase items or services with bonos, they can also trade and donate goods to the community.

Ranging from sports equipment to Playstation 4s individuals can buy and donate goods among their social network and Igobono’s empowering them to use the average $7,000 of unused goods families possess in their homes.

Mike and his co-founder Max team launched Igobono out of Brookyln in May and are focused on three primary goals the next 12 months: international expansion, greater spending power and higher customization levels.

To learn more the founders’ vision for the social economy tune in to our conversation with Mike as he shares his dream to transform the way we share goods.