Building Better Relationships at Work

Morag Barrett

with Morag Barrett

Founder of SkyeTeam

Building Better Relationships at Work

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Moe and Morag discuss practical tools to navigate every relationship in your career.

Building Better Relationships At Work

In addition to finding purpose, making healthy changes in your life, and achieving  financial freedom; perhaps the secret to living a long, and productive life boils down to the relationships you keep.  For me, its people who bring the most meaning to my life – always have and always will.  Each day, I’m eternally grateful for the amazing wife, two incredible children, and close knit group of friends that God has blessed me with, still the one  lesson I continue to learn above all, is that relationships require purpose and commitment; and when left unattended, they suffer.    

In business and throughout my career, I’ve made it my highest priority to work with amazing people – the type of individuals who challenge my assumptions, stretch my imagination, and always help redefine my limits.  Just like a team being the sum of its part, each one of us is molded in the shape of our respective network.  Morag Barrett has made it her life’s work to study the dynamics of winning relationships, and in her book – Cultivate – she challenges you to reimagine your social network.  Her relationship ecosystem is a model for understanding the health of your working relationships, and it starts with this new mindset —–