The Art of Execution

Lucinda Duncalfe

with Lucinda Duncalfe

Founder and CEO of Real Food

The Art of Execution

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Moe and Lucinda discuss what it takes to build the leading consumer brand around the plant-based lifestyle, with her company, Real Food.

The Art of Execution

There’s much debate about the nature or nurture of entrepreneurship – and I’ve made it clear before that I’m in the camp of the latter – yet after spending a few minutes with Lucinda Duncalfe, I can see why some are just born with the entrepreneurial gene.  After earning her MBA from Wharton, she’s been on an entrepreneurial adventure, having launched 3 companies, sold one, and consulted many more.  She’s a portrait of character, strength and unyielding confidence.  Watch her work, and you’ll know why she’s attracted the most challenging of projects; to her, all success starts with one small step.

Her latest venture, Real Food Works, is the convergence of technology and wellbeing – and, of course, it’s feat that few have been able to pull off successfully.   The combination of experienced talent, a scalable model and this strategy give Lucinda the upper hand to defy the odds.