Corey Perlman’s interview with Moe

Corey Perlman

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Entrepreneur, Author and President of eBoot Camp, Inc.

Corey Perlman’s interview with Moe

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Corey Perlman: Make It About Them


Corey Perlman is with me today, hopefully, to crack the code on internet marketing. Corey is the author of a great book called eBoot Camp. He’s been coaching entrepreneurs on this whole issue of leveraging the internet for quite some time now.

My hope today, as we talked about, is to create a framework that everyone who is listening can basically take and implement immediately and more importantly, start to see some results around the work that you’re doing.

Let’s assume for a minute that you and I are launching a new company. We can say it’s a web related business. What are some of the essential thinking points that we need to be talking about specifically in this whole marketing arena as we get launched?

I would say, first off, we have to figure out where our sort of Joe Schmo customer is going to be hanging out; so our typical customer, where they are spending the most time on the internet. If it’s the general public it might be Facebook. If we’re working with CEOs or decision makers like small businesses or things of that nature maybe we pay more attention to LinkedIn.

The first thing I would address is trying to figure out who our number one customer is, where our sweet spot is and then try to be there and create a presence there. That would be creating the profile in that space and creating a community really being active there and really starting to kind of create a space there for our business.

When we say creative profile there, there is a lot of people who are intimidated by that. Tell me very simply, what do they have to have in a profile to capture attention?

Let’s use Facebook for an example for a second. I’m talking about a business page. So if we created not a personal profile but a business page. The exciting part obviously is that there is well over 600 million people on Facebook. The average user spending once a day logging in, we all kind of know that based on our own experience. Many of us are getting in there multiple times. That’s exciting from an attention perspective.

The challenge with that is the exact same thing I said on the other side. So many people know it that there are so many business pages being created. So much noise on Facebook, it’s hard to separate ourselves from that.

I think as you create your business page and you decide to kind of carve out your niche on Facebook, you really got to think about how you’re going to stand above the noise. How you’re going to engage people so that you’re not just talking about your business or what you do but really kind of get people talking and interacting with your page. That’s really the only way to know that they are listening.

You could have a Facebook page with a hundred posts from yourself and 700 connections but you have no idea if anyone is actually paying attention to it unless they say something or unless they like it, then you know that they are listening.

When I go out and I look at a business page for the first time, the first thing I look at is how much engagement they’re getting on the page. I pay attention to what they are saying on the page.

I think the most important thing for your listeners to remember on either Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter is make it about them. If you can make it about them, I think you can see some pretty cool things happening with regard to engagement, with regard to getting your message out and eventually, organically selling your products or services. You got to make it about them.