Create Change Where You Are

Rebecca van Bergen

with Rebecca van Bergen

Founder and Executive Director of Nest

Create Change Where You Are

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Rebecca van Bergen celebrated her graduation by asking a big question: How do you create agency and change through human to human work? She’s spent the last 14 years answering it through Nest: Her non-profit that’s connected hundreds of thousands of artisans, across 115 countries, to ethical home-based work with leading brands.

She believes in creating change from where you are. We delve into articulating the difference you aspire to make in the world and continuously evolving your mission and yourself to realize it. For Rebecca, that’s meant accelerating her goals to support the over 300 million women working from home, whilst understanding that it’s only by cultivating a sense of wholeness and embracing her strengths that she’ll be able to reach them.

Nest continues to be propelled by unwavering belief and drive. Still, Rebecca’s always believed that they’re part of a larger narrative. She shares a story from her very first trip reminding us that a small act of kindness can be remembered for a lifetime.