Creating a Product Users Obsess Over


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Creating a Product Users Obsess Over

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Chase Jennings & Jenna Abdou catch up with the brilliant ladies behind Hukkster to discuss: choosing a co-founder, getting featured in blogs, conquering Facebook’s new algorithm, getting the best ROI out of your marketing and keeping perspective.

Creating a Product Users Obsess Over

Written by Jenna Abdou

Each of us has that one friend we run to with our ideas.  We dream of a new way to solve a problem and hope that they’ll validate our enthusiasm by helping see our idea to fruition. While we’re fortunate to live in a generation that values collaboration, we still face challenges starting and growing businesses with our friends.

Hukkster co-founders, Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, have worked together for over eight years, at three companies, and emphasize that comprehensively understanding each other is one of the driving reasons behind their success. As their relationship evolves, these are the things they’ve learned about making partnerships:

  1. Challenges and stress are unavoidable – To maximize balance, gain perspective on how your partner responds to stress.
  2. It’s always wise to experiment with something small, like running a marathon or a fundraising campaign, before committing to build a business.
  3. Choose a partner who pushes you to overcome your fears and encourage them to do the same.