Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age

Robert Khedouri

with Robert Khedouri

Managing Director and COO of Markle

Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age

Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age 321 321 33Voices

Moe and Robert Khedouri discuss how technology and a networked world can become tools to democratize opportunity. 

America’s Moment

In addition to my family, nothing brings more joy and fulfillment to my life as when I see someone’s life improved as a results of the work we do at 33voices.  From day one, everything we did, everyone we’ve deliberately spoken with, and every idea that we decided to experiment with evolved from our deep desire to contribute to the success and wellbeing of others.  I wake up each morning anxious to learn something new, share someone’s unique perspective, and highlight the work of others whom I feel are leading the way in helping reimagine a more inspiring future for us all.  The Markle Foundation is one such organization; since 1927, anyone who has been fortunate to be involved with Markle has undoubtedly helped bring to life John and Mary R. Markle’s dream: to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge among people of the United States, and to promote the general good of mankind.  

Zoe Baird has been the visionary leader of Markle since 1998, and never before had she pursued a more daunting challenge.  Her latest project is simply to Rework America and to harness the digital revolution to connect millions of Americans to what otherwise would have been elusive opportunities.  Their initiative is outlined in their collaboration – America’s Moment:  Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age.  I had the opportunity to spent time today with newly appointed Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Robert Khedouri and if what you’re about to hear doesn’t inspire you to dream of a bigger future, you owe it to yourself to stretch your imagination.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • What’s wrong with America?

  • The one initiative that will reshape our future?

  • The skills gap that’s keeping the American workforce from advancing?

  • Technology’s role in connecting Americans to opportunities?

  • The leader’s role in shaping a better future for her organization?

  • What the sharing economy teaches us about the future?

  • The new American Dream – 2016 version!