Creating the Uber of Laundry

Jordan Metzner

with Jordan Metzner

Founder & CEO at Washio

Creating the Uber of Laundry

Creating the Uber of Laundry 1002 894 33Voices

Chase and Jenna chat with Jordan Metzner to learn about the inner workings of Washio, an app for on-demand laundry and dry cleaning that recently got $14.1M in funding.

Small Gestures

When Scott Winship tweeted that using Washio  was the “first day of his life” I had an insatiable desire to learn more. I quickly discovered Jordan Metzner’s Silicon Beach startup and realized Scott was right, once you go Washio you don’t go back.

To top off delivering your laundry in 24 hours, Washio gifts cookies, brownies and even designer socks to each of their users. As Jordan detailed these delights as one of the driving reasons behind Washio’s success he reminded me MakeSpace founder Sam Rosen’s  emphasis on doing things that don’t scale. With the rising popularity of service startups I’ve been curious about the motivation behind users posting about brands and after our conversation, it’s clear that making people feel special is the difference maker.

Cookies have nothing to do with laundry but Jordan ensures that the small gesture defines the company. Regardless of what you do, you can find a way to delight your user on a personal level.