Cuyana Inspires Intentional Living

Karla Gallardo

with Karla Gallardo

Founder and CEO of Cuyana

Cuyana Inspires Intentional Living

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Karla and Jenna discuss Cuyana’s “Fewer, Better” philosophy, the power of gratitude, and her favorite items that have been passed down to her.

Learning Points

  • Inside Cuyana’s design process and mastering the marriage between beauty and functionality 
  • How Cuyana’s supply chain helped family businesses rebuild their factories and production teams after the retail crisis 
  • Karla and her co-founder Shilpa’s two-year trip meeting global partners and building relationships with them that extend beyond business transactions 
  • Establishing Cuyana’s business model and the founders’ decision to completely redefine the design and manufacturing process 
  • The road to the ‘Fewer, Better’ mantra and why you need a simple description for your customers to advocate for your brand