A Human-Centered Approach To Culture Design

Daniel Coyle

with Daniel Coyle

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A Human-Centered Approach To Culture Design

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Having worked with admired leaders and well-established organizations for 33+ years, one thing I’ve learned {about individual & organizational excellence} is that there’s a fundamental difference between what it takes to be a good company and what it takes to be a great company. And, an even greater disparity between what it takes to be a great company and one considered amongst the world’s best. The latter prioritize people and design the type of workplace environments where greatness can flourish, meaning can be multiplied, and the powerful forces that cause human beings to retreat to the comfortable and conventional can be eliminated. 

Daniel Coyle has built a magnificent career thinking about, writing and contributing to many high-performing organizations; including Google, Microsoft, the Navy SEALS, and MLB’s Cleveland Guardians. His two bestselling books – The Culture Code and The Talent Code – have had great influence on how I approach talent evaluation and culture design; particularly when it comes to team building.

Our latest conversation will highlight the key insights from Dan’s latest book – The Culture Playbook:  60 Highly Effective Actions To Help Your Group Succeed – and will go behind the scenes with the leaders of the San Antonio Spurs, The Cleveland Guardians, The Navy SEALS, and Pixar to understand how their leadership embodies the culture that powers their respective organizations.