Dreaming as Hope in Action

Nyakio Grieco

with Nyakio Grieco

Founder of nyakio and Co-founder of Thirteen Lune

Dreaming as Hope in Action

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“Abundance is living in your greatest place of peace and joy,” says nyakio and Thirteen Lune founder, Nyakio Grieco.

How does she get there? By fulfilling her purpose in the “right now moments.”

Grounded in her faith, we kick off exploring how Nyakio’s mother taught her to pray boldly, call upon her ancestors, and the belief that gives her hope during trying times. Nyakio continues to reinvent herself as a beauty industry veteran. She shares where she derives her strength, the courage to say ‘No’ when the path isn’t right, and the importance of knowing your worth.

For Nyakio, a beautiful life is one of embodied fullness. We explore the depth of soul connections, dancing in the corners of the world with friends, and why “the greatest gift is to love yourself the most.”