‘Putting Your Soul in Charge of Your Life’

Elizabeth Lesser

with Elizabeth Lesser

Author and Co-founder of the Omega Institute

‘Putting Your Soul in Charge of Your Life’

‘Putting Your Soul in Charge of Your Life’ 997 999 33Voices

“If there is one thing that has made a difference in my life, it is the courage to turn and face what wants to change within me.”

Elizabeth Lesser’s gift is putting words to the feelings and longings that shape our human experience. She’s helped over a million people realize them through her life’s work co-founding the Omega Institute. Still, what I admire most about her is her courage opening to the whole human experience.

As you’ll find in our conversation, Elizabeth is at once deeply wise and laugh out loud funny. We explore why “real fearlessness is the product of tenderness,” how to stay open during difficult times and experience the dignity of true relationships. Her stories of love and loss illuminate the aliveness we discover when we connect deeper with ourselves and each other.