What leads to lasting happiness?

Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas

with Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas

Science Director at The Greater Good Science Center

What leads to lasting happiness?

What leads to lasting happiness? 1920 1920 33Voices

The first lesson I learned in The Greater Good Science Center’s Science of Happiness course is that I had the wrong definition of happiness.

Happiness isn’t solely our positive states, we learn from Science Director Dr.Emiliana Simon-Thomas. It’s feeling content within our whole human experience, which of course, includes emotions like grief and sadness.

What’s the most enduring way to cultivate it?

Her research continually leads to the same destination: Connection.

‘We often measure life satisfaction by asking: Have I been successful enough? When the real question is: Who am I in relationship to other people?’

We explore this question in our conversation; Examining it through the lens of meaning and belonging, compassion and forgiveness. The Science of Happiness course is free and an inspiring journey to embark on. Consider beginning with Dr.Simon-Thomas’ episode and taking the class with a loved one.