Empowering People to Control Their Health

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Empowering People to Control Their Health

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Chase and Jenna interview  Maayan Cohen, Eran Keisar and Ziv Meltzer about their medical record organization startup.

Chasing Legends the Belichick Way

The driving reason the Patriots have appeared in seven Super Bowls under Coach Belichick is the incomparable commitment he requires from his players. Regardless of Brady’s MVP awards or Gronkowski’s record breaking performances, subscribing to the team’s culture is a mandate, not an option.

Similar to Belichick’s unwavering standard of mental toughness, startup founder reimagining how we live must cultivate a community where feedback is not only part of their process, but the root of it.

Hello Doctor founders Maayan Cohen, Ziv Meltzer and Eran Keisar are chasing legends as they build the first ever mobile application that allows patients to not only keep track of their medical records but to understand them better as well.

The potential is life saving, and because Cohen, Metzler and Zehavi are cognizant of it they’re building their team like Belichick. Here’s how they’re thriving on candid feedback and implementation to tackle one of the most challenging problems.