Engagement Is Where It Starts

Steve Goldstein

with Steve Goldstein

Adviser on Engagement and Leadership

Engagement Is Where It Starts

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Moe and Steve Goldstein talk about how connected leaders can become great leaders

Engagement Is Where It Starts

Former Citigroup and American Express senior executive, Steve Goldstein is convinced that the pillars of modern leadership excellence always starts with engagement – old school Engagement.  As leaders, our highest priority has always been to advance and inspire human capital, and as you’ll hear Steve explain; that’s much more than rallying the troops or having a well-articulated vision statement.  In his forthcoming book, The Principles of Engagement, Steve proposes four key disciplines, that when followed, will not only ignite your team’s curiosity; more importantly, they will inspire you to look at your business with a fresh pair eyes.  Here’s a sample of the questions we discuss:

  • The state of modern leadership – what’s consistently good, bad?

  • The state of mind that best serves the most effective leaders

  • The four disciplines of engagement

  • What’s most likely blocking your team’s engagement?

  • A modern approach to organizational communication

  • What you need to unlearn to get an edge?

  • Is speed overrated?