Rohit Bhargava

with Rohit Bhargava

Founder of the Influential Marketing Group


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Moe and Rohit Bhargava discuss the unexpected truth behind earning trust, influencing behavior, and inspiring action.

The likeability factor

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most beloved franchises in professional sports.  Despite being the smallest market in the National Football League, their fan base spans the nation in cult like fashion.  On any given Sunday during the football season, their fans, better known as the Cheeseheads, are a sea of Yellow and Green as they proudly showcase their affinity to the Packers.  Although they are the only publicly traded team in sports, according to Ogilvy consultant and author of Likeonomics, Rohit Bhargava, the Packers epitomize what it means to be a ‘likeable’ organization today.  They are unselfish because their entire philosophy is anchored around inspiring their fans.  They are transparent, because as a public company, they reveal the economics behind their football operations, unlike any other sports franchise.  It’s no surprise why their season tickets are willed amongst generations.  Here’s Rohit sharing his timely research on how you, too can become a likeable organization……