Trust Me, I’m Lying

Ryan Holiday

with Ryan Holiday

Marketing Strategist, Author and Adviser.

Trust Me, I’m Lying

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Ryan Holiday is author of Trust Me, I’m Lying

Confession of a media manipulator

When you understand the rules of the game, your odds of winning dramatically increase.  Ryan Holiday has learned that modern media is a game, and with the right tactics, you, too can manipulate the system.  It starts with the fundamental  understanding that blogs today, control the news and the only way that news will spread is with a constant flow of traffic.  In his new book – Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan shares the 9 tactics that enable him to create buzz and get noticed.  You’ll notice that it’s not as much about the quality of the content as it is about what is likely to spread, go viral and make money.  Here’s the untold story about media….